Paying Attention



The fulfilment of living comes only from being connected in the present moment.  A mindfulness  allows us to focus, not on our problems  that we have had all day, nor on the fears of tomorrow,  but we are brought into the present moment. We are brought into the NOW.

It may seem silly giving our full attention  to a task, lets say  cooking.  But that is the point. When we are mindful, a task such as cooking (and any other everyday chore) becomes part of the harvest, part of the exquisiteness of life , instead of the boredom of life.  This is not silly but  the height of wisdom.

In  contrast when  we are living a ‘when…then’  kind  of life, so many of the  daily chores of everyday life seems like a drudgery as we wait for our two week vacation.  What a waste  of a life!  As we learn the principals of mindfulness, we can turn those moments of drudgery into moments of delight .  We do not need to wait for the holiday to enjoy ourselves.  We can enjoy ourselves NOW.

Try the next  time you find yourself cleaning the house, or working at your job, or gardening, or taking care of an elderly relative, to focus on the possibility  of that moment to bring you intense joy and satisfaction. Stop the chatter in your mind from telling you that this is a thankless  obligation that you must do in order to get on with your life. THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

With this mindset we step out of our ordinary frame of reference to see things  anew,  to make the ordinary in our life extraordinary. As we embrace the ordinary, our life takes  on a whole new meaning.

As we attempt to become a person who lives in the NOW we will find  that it sounds easier than it really is.  Old habits are hard to break. Years of living in the past or the future  have to be over come.   In fact, learning the art of mindfulness is a  lifelong process. Do not be discouraged. when you keep forgetting . Find ways to remind yourself time and time again.


2 thoughts on “Paying Attention

    1. Each moment of living in the Now is a step in the right direction. We need to train ourselves to see the opportunity inherent, in all that is before us. I think it is well worth trying for!

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