With Gratitude


When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

Taking things for granted is one of the greatest assaults on the quality of our lives. When we take things for granted we never get to see the size of the gifts that are constantly being placed in front of us. As a result we feel only scarcity, there is not enough, rather than abundance.

You may be asking ‘What am I talking about? The world is a mess’. Yes the world is a mess, the economy is dire and parts of the world are in civil unrest or War. Despite these facts there is so much to be grateful for, the riches of the world surround us, yet we do not see them.

We can’t see them because we are creatures of habit. The present habit of society is to focus on what is terrible in life, just watch the TV News or read the Newspaper, we are bombarded with bad news, and we ignore what’s wonderful.  If we change our focus onto the wonderful things, think of it as ‘Life is a banquet and most idiots are starving’!

I wrote about finding a ‘gratitude buddy’ in the earlier blog-Appreciation. this is a simple way to train ourselves to be appreciative.  The inclusion of the words THANK YOU in our vocabulary sets up an interesting paradox. Each time we say thank you, we are acknowledging a gift we were given.  If we use thank you often enough, any poverty thinking disappears.

I believe that as our awareness of the riches available to us in our every day life increases, our life becomes lighter, happier and more joyous!

Our joy, happiness and satisfaction depends on what we pay attention to……


10 thoughts on “With Gratitude

  1. I so much love your words of wisdom. I would like to share them with my children. At times they are in such despair,as they so may think. Thanks again, have a wonderful evening.

  2. How insightful. We are creatures of habit and you’re correct in saying that the current habit is to focus on the negative. Another trend that I have thought about, that your post reminds me of, is how many people tend to look for the flaws in others. Seeking out the “drama” or personal afflictions of others to make themselves feel a temporary moment of “I have it better” euphoria, only to be left numbness that eventually eats away all empathy that they may have possessed.

    1. Thank you for your perceptive comment. With self-reliance we look inside ourselves, rather than outside, so not using others for assurance. Finding self-reliance gives is true power! Kind thoughts Julia

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