Making Your Day More….


You’d be amazed how easier it is to make a good life into an even better one. There are many small ways in which we can make every day that little bit more special. With a little thought, a tiny amount of effort and a healthy dose of positive thinking, you can transform your life…Here are some simple ways to help this happen.


Remember how important friends are. Once a month contact an old friend you haven’t seen to in a while.

Grow flowers or vegetables. If you don’t have a garden, buy a window box and grow herbs for your kitchen.

Keep learning new things. Expand your mind and you’ll feel much better for it.

Hold onto a funny memory and think about it when you are particularly stressed. Humour has a way of putting things in perspective.

Look up at the stars and remember what a miracle it is that you exist at all.


Keep fit. A healthy body has a healthy mind.

Make time to have fun. Happiness is the key to longevity.

In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away

Shing Xiong

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