Making Things Better


When you feel unhappy, sad or having a rotten day, kick it to kingdom come by trying some of these:

Do something good for someone else, even though you may not want to. Do a favour, help them find something; give them an item which will help them in some way. Start the flow of positive energy.

Eat the best chocolate you can get your hands on. In bed. Or in the bath. 

Turn up music you really love. Play it so loudly that it soaks in through your skin. Dance in your pyjamas. Feel the pain lift.

Write a list of things that you appreciate right now, in the present moment. Focus on each of them. Even when things appear to be going really, really badly, there are always things to be happy about.

Order delivery food, just to bask in the glory of the fact that if you pay people, they will come to your door. With food. Warm, good food. What an age we live in, huh?

 Look through old photos. With a friend if possible. If it’s an old friend, you can reminisce (“Oh my god, do you remember when we did that?!”), & if it’s a new friend, you can tell big stories (“Well, let me tell you about this guy…”).

Walk around a garden centre & buy a beautiful plant. Give it a name.

 Go somewhere that people walk their dogs & make friends with some fluffy creatures.

 Hug your friends.

 Believe that things will change…nothing stays the same.


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