‘Let’s stop being so damn judgmental and crucifying everyone who doesn’t fit into our boxed-in perceptions of what is right.’
Gillian Anderson

We are all judgmental. I certainly am, at times. We are often quick to judge both ourselves and others. It is positive and necessary to have opinions. It is also fundamental for survival to be judgmental. For example, we need to judge when there is danger in order to escape from life threatening situations. However, being judgmental, in general, is not useful, especially in relationships.

Eliminating judgment does not mean you lose your ability to choose what is desirable to you, what you prefer. Being non-judgmental opens doors and unlocks opportunity forever shut away and cordoned off from those less tolerant minds of the world.

So what is this whole non-judgmental thing really about? Can you ever truly be free of judgment… or is it all just self-delusion?

Policing your thoughts and stamping out intolerant, judgmental , negative thoughts is vital. Remembering other people’s actions and behaviour are simply products of who that person is.

Expanding your worldview through travel, meeting diverse groups of people, and learning to empathise with those you are currently most likely to judge

Training yourself to stop listening to your pre-existing reasons and beliefs and start seeing your actions as a product of your background, history, what you thought or assumed through your life.

If you are being judgmental – if you are emotionally writing people off as bad, or foolish, etc… you are shortchanging yourself.

Life gets a lot more peaceful when you are not constantly mulling over what other people are doing. You cease wasting your time, energy, and willpower debating petty trifles with others who do not care and whose life is not your main concern.

“Accept and allow. – This is the key to living a life full of love.”
Chris Johnson

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