‘Sometimes all it takes is a familiar smell or a certain taste to evoke an old memory, making you feel like you are back in time in that moment where it was created.’

We all have those times which are special. Memory builders. When something extraordinary happened to us, the kind of things remembered forever after. It did not have to be a life-changing event like a graduation or marriage or birth of a child. It is more often the small things.

The sheer joy of summer sunlight on a fragrant flower. The giggle of a toddler. The brush of a lover’s fingertips.

We mark these moments with the flashing insight …. This is special, I will remember it always.

“Do you know how there are moments when the world moves so slowly you can feel your bones shifting, your mind tumbling? When you think that no matter what happens to you for the rest of your life, you will remember every last detail of that one minute forever?”
Jodi Picoult


2 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. The smell of turkey cooking in the oven on Christmas day , on returning from walking the dogs .Wishing you a very special Christmas

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