Building Yourself Up




We start so fresh and full of life
As if we can’t be touched
But over time we get beaten down
The belief in ourselves gets crushed

Gravity pulls at our head
Until we are left gazing at our feet
The criticism and insults from others are added to a heap
That strains our shoulders and buckles our knees

The hope of a stress free life starts to leave
It’s replaced by a struggle and a fight
Driven by self doubt and denial
It becomes too hard to think upbeat

It’s a downward spiral
Where the fear of failure and lack of confidence meet
But those thoughts can stop dead in their tracks
If you start reminiscing and looking back

At your past success’s that occurred
Before the lens of your life started getting blurred
Whether you tied your shoe laces or passed your degree
Think positive thoughts to build your self esteem

Recall how you felt and think, “what did that mean to me?”
As your confidence is building start to remember your dreams
If you could achieve one of these tasks, how would it feel?
Have you started to notice, your spirits are rising

You believe in yourself and you’re left deciding
Not what to give up but what you should start trying


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