Using Good Memories



“Make memories because no one can take them away~”
Cyndi Neumann

Good memories can be an excellent way to keep us going during tough times. We can have nostalgic memories of times, places and even movies. Learning how to resurrect, enjoy – and even make good memories can be a great hidden talent.

Letting go of the present time is important. Sit in a quiet and peaceful environment, outdoors, maybe relaxing on the grass, listening to the birds singing and the hum of planes far away, with a slightly cloudy sky and warm breeze.

Look for reminders of the past. Certain trees or flowers, building styles, streets, smells, tastes, or ideas may trigger memories.

Looking at old journals or photographs from an earlier time brings back strong memories. Think about how much more carefree life was back then, how much fun was had, how little was known.

Look how things have changed since then, whether for better or for worse. We are older, have more experience, probably better off in terms of finances… but maybe remembering that life back then was more care free.

Keep in mind that new good memories are always being created, and a few years from now you may be longing for right now. Memories are a way of holding on to the things we love, the things we are, the things we never want to lose.

‘I love those random memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life, right now.’

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