A Big Bowl Of Self Esteem



‘Do you think highly of yourself? If not, now is the time to raise your self-esteem and self-worth.’

High self-esteem builds every positive experience in our life. It helps us to see the positive in every situation; to cope with adversity and to fully appreciate the good times.

Low self-esteem develops as a result of long-term negative reinforcement. Constant, ongoing reminders of our failures and disappointments from both others and ourselves.

If you want to boost your self-esteem, you need to start balancing your perspective. Here are simple ways you can get started today.

Start by remembering and acknowledging your past successes. We all tend to remember more of our failures and forget about our achievements as we go through life. Think of things like playing for a school team, getting an A in a difficult class, graduating from school, saving up enough money to buy your first car. All of these of things are accomplishments that you deserve to be acknowledged for.

Focusing on the past is not enough, you need to start acknowledging the success of your present life as well. Keep track of everything that you are proud of yourself for accomplishing each day. Nothing is to small. If you took the time to eat a healthy meal, or exercised, recognise yourself for it.

A mind that is full of images of your achievements helps to boost your self-esteem. And just like the successes of your past, you can also refer to this journal any time your self-esteem needs another boost.

Doing these things on a regular basis will reinforce your mind with positive thoughts and images of yourself. As the positive thoughts grow, the negative ones will be crowded out and will slowly disappear. While this process is happening, your self-esteem will see a steady improvement. The longer you keep it up, the better you will feel about yourself.

“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.”
August Wilson


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