Letting It Be



“Know that everything is in perfect order whether you understand it or not.”
Valery Satterwhite

We try and try, but sometimes things do not work out the way we want them to. At these times, I believe that life does not give us what we wamt because we need something else. And what we need often comes when we are not looking for it. We do not always understand it and that is okay. Just when we think it can not get and worse, it does And then just when we think it can not get any better, it does.

The key is detachment – letting go of the life we expected, so we can make the best of the life that is happening  now. It is not always easy, but it can be worth it.

Letting go is surrendering any obsessive attachment to particular people, outcomes and situations. Surrender means showing up every day in your life with the intention to be your best self, and to do the best you know how, without expecting life to go a certain way. Have goals, have dreams, aspire and take purposeful action and build great relationships, but detach from what life must look like.

Letting things be brings inner peace, and lest we forget that our outer lives are a reflection of our inner state of being.

Detachment means letting go and nonattachment means simply letting be. ”
Stephen Levine


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