A Moment Of Stillness


”Non-doing has nothing to do with being indolent or passive. Quite the contrary. It takes great courage and energy to cultivate non-doing, both in stillness and in activity. Nor is it easy to make a special time for non-doing and to keep at it in the face of everything in our lives which needs to be done.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn

Be still. Just for a moment. Listen to the sound around you. Feel your breath coming in and going out. Listen to your thoughts. See the details of your surroundings.

We rush around all day, doing things, talking, emailing, sending and reading messages, moving from browser tab to the next, one link to the next.

Take a moment to be still. Do not think about what you have to do, or what you have done already. Just be in the moment.

Breathe when you feel yourself moving too fast. Slow down. Be present. Find happiness now, in this moment, instead of waiting for it.

Savour the stillness. It is a treasure, and it is available to us, always.

”It is not wise to dash about. Shortening the breath causes much stress. Use too much energy, and You will soon be exhausted. That is not the natural way. Whatever works against this way will not last long.”
Tao Te Ching


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