Handling Your Fear


”Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.”
Japanese Proverb

Fear is often the barrier that holds us back from getting and becoming what we really want.

We can see fear as an enemy, to be defeated or it will defeat us. Yet in reality, fear is a part of us and cannot be destroyed,

Instead, you can be aware of the fear. When you are struggling, suffering in some way, be aware that it is fear that is stopping you. When you can see how the fear is hurting you and how that hurt is self caused, you can let go of the suffering by trying to let go of the fear.

Think about what is the worst case scenario. Would you be okay?

When we change out perspective and stop to appreciate ourselves and life at this moment, we  begin to be grateful for the opportunities that this moment has brought, rather than fearing the change it represents. Doing something difficult is an opportunity to create or do something good, and change is always a great opportunity for learning and growth.

With this thinking, we can work with the fear that is causing our problems. We can accept it, limiting it, putting things into perspective, without letting it stop us.

”If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”
Marcus Aurelius


3 thoughts on “Handling Your Fear

  1. I do remember fear.At one time in my past it really did interfere with practically every aspect of my life.I know it is not fear that is causing my distancing from idle conversation.which is basically my biggest problem.my problem is why speak if it isn’t constructive or important.I sometimes hear people say things that had no reason to be said,or no grounds to even comment.
    I lost fear when my parent passed away,and have met others with the same thought.

    1. Thank you for your thought provoking comment…when I am feeling fearful I ask myself ‘what is the worst case scenario….would I be okay?’ I find that puts things in perspective for me.

      No one is free of self-doubts when it comes to socialising. Again ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen?’ The worst thing is usually that the other person won’t like you, which is not the end of the world. Your life is not worse if someone does not like you, and is better if you make a friend, so the upside of interacting is much bigger than the downside!

      Keep an open mind …you may be pleasantly surprised what you find.


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