Seeing The Flowers


“The world is like a mirror; frown at it, and it frowns at you. Smile and it smiles, too.”
Herbert Samuels

Our focus tends to go to the most pressing issues in life, and more often than not, those issues are a source of stress. Stress or anxiety can consume us in ways that are completely out of proportion to a problem.

But by concentrating on what is good, we are more likely to be encouraged and motivated, and we automatically start looking for ways to get more of the same.

So how do we focus on what is positive in our lives – when it is all too easy to dwell on mistakes and regrets?

Try to spend a couple of minutes each evening jotting down the things you are grateful for. It could be anything from a delicious cup of tea that morning to hearing your child say ‘I love you’. I have seen a big improvement in my perspective on life since starting this.

It costs nothing at all to say ‘thank you‘ – and it can really brighten up someone’s day. It makes you feel good, too, to focus on being pleased with someone .

You can become as positive as you want to be if you decide to simply focus on the solution and look for the good. Using your mind to exert control over the situation enables you to become positive and cheerful most of the time.

”If we try to see something positive in everything we do, life won’t necessarily become easier but it becomes more valuable.”


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