How You React

‘It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.’

In our lives, things will go wrong and there is usually nothing we can do to stop it but what we can do is control our actions after. We have the power to choose how we want to react to a situation. Do you want to re-live the indignation and frustration over and over again, or do you want to take what you can out of it and move forward? Being stuck does not feel good, and you don’t have to be there. You have the power to decide.

Once we take responsibility, we stop acting like a victim and waiting for others to help us. We decide to rely on our self to make the situation better. We become grateful to anyone that helps us which makes them want to help even more.

When things go wrong, it is very natural to regret our decisions that led up to the situation. We regret because we judge our actions with hindsight bias – seeing events that already occurred as being more predictable than they were before they took place.

You can spend your time in the land of “if only” and thinking of what you could’ve, should’ve and  would’ve done differently. It is a waste your energy on regrets. Focusing all your energy on what you will do next to make the situation better and to prevent a similar situation in the future is more productive.

Remember that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Learn from your past actions but do not dwell on it.

‘How we perceive a situation and how we react to it is the basis of our stress. If you focus on the negative in any situation, you can expect high stress levels. However, if you try and see the good in the situation, your stress levels will greatly diminish.’
Catherine Pulsifer


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