A Change For The Better


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy


The problem with changing our outer world without changing our self is that we will still be us when we reach that change we have strived for. With the same flaws, anger, negativity, self-sabotaging tendencies intact. And so in this new situation you will still not find what you hoped for since your mind is still seeping with that negative stuff.


When we are in a place where we try to uphold or cling to our old views to appear consistent while we realise within that something is wrong. It is not a fun place to be. To choose to grow and evolve is a happier and far more beneficial path to take.

If we change our self we will change our world. If we change how we think then we will change how we feel and what actions we take. And so the world around us will change.

Not only because we are now viewing our environment through new lenses of thoughts and emotions but also because the change within can allow us to take action in ways we would not have – or maybe even have thought about – while stuck in our old thought patterns.


As human beings, our greatness lays not so much in being able to remake the world, as in being able to remake ourselves.

Choose to change yourself for the better today.

“The promise of aspiration is that it is evolutionary. The human condition is such that we are always aspiring to be something more, something better, something nobler. It starts as a thought, a want, a need, or a desire and then grows and evolves with intention and direction, upward with lust and hunger. The continued drive feeds the rise.”
Lorii Myers


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