More Efficient


‘Efficiency is intelligent laziness.”
David Dunham


Do you ever feel your life is in chaos, that everything you try to do takes so much effort? You want to be organised, but you have not got the time to clear up the mess so that you can be.

If we keep doing what we always do, we will keep getting what we are getting.  Too many times we live with unplanned, complex systems simply because we have not given them much thought. Instead, streamline your life by finding better ways of handling common tasks.

Focus on one system at a time ( your errands system, your paperwork system, your email system, etc.) and try to make it simplified, efficient, and logical.  Then, once you have it perfected, stick to it and it will become a habit.

Efficient and effective means thinking about your actions, understanding the consequences and modifying your approach if you want a different outcome.

It is easier to be efficient and effective if everything has a place and is in it’s place.
Start with the area of most clutter – wherever things get ‘dumped temporarily’. Get some boxes and label them. Whenever you have something to “put away” you have a place in which to put it..The reward for this effort is less time spent hunting for things and less frustration.

If you find that you are spending a lot of time, regularly on a particular task, sit down and think about why. Work your way back to the root cause of the problem, there may be a better solution to the way to do it.

‘Don’t put off what can be done today’.…An old saying, but extremely true. Handle it once. Whether this is the mail, a job to do or a communication. Putting it down to do later means it has time and energy applied to it more than once. Time and energy that can be used for more fun, enjoyable things.

Look for ways to streamline your jobs and become more efficient today.

“Efficiency is doing better what is already being done.” 
Peter F. Drucker


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