Use It Well




Where the clocks are beating
The journey starts
Life is clock ticking

Who we meet, what we choose
What we do
Each step we take
Leads us upon our path

Confused, we question
The clock keeps beating
With no rhythm or rhyme
That’s where the confusion has started

We fear the clock beating
As if it’s a mocking call
Eyeing your every move seeing your falls
Be still in the moment, the clocks are not your foe

They are beating
In your rhythm
Your time
For the clock beats differently for all of us

Our steps, our journey
The presence of time is your friend
Listen to it, hear the beats
Learn to dance

As the time goes on
You realise that it’s your choice
In your time, your tune

For the presence of time is never to be feared
Never to be questioned; never to be argued with
Listen to it, Learn from it
Hear the melody, sing your song

Strum the beats
For within the melody is where your destiny lies
Believe and trust
Passion leads, the heart guides
Is a gift, unique to you
Use it well.







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