The Perfect Moment



Every moment before this one depends on this one.”
Jonathan Safran Foer

There is a myth of the ‘perfect moment‘. I believe moments are not ‘perfect’, they are what we make them. So many wait around for the stars to align to do what they dream doing. Waiting for the ‘perfect moment’, the ‘perfect opportunity’, the ‘perfect state’.

These states of perfection do not really exist. In reality, growing to your full potential is directly related to your willingness to act in the face of imperfection. You will come to succeed not by finding a perfect moment, but by learning how to use your talents and resources better.

Ask yourself this: ‘When it is all said and done, will I have said more than I have done?


Let your actions speak louder than your words. May your life preach louder than your words. May your success be your noise in the end. Commit to begin with clear objectives and a plan of action. Be brave enough try, learning along the way, as you create a better you.

Make to-day the perfect moment for you to make that commitment to yourself.

“Stop waiting for the perfect day or the perfect moment… Take THIS day, THIS moment and lead it to perfection.”
Steve Maraboli


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