Bettering Your Mood



“Mood has to be controlled. Otherwise, it’s your master.”
Toba Beta

Sometimes you may find yourself in a bad mood, an unpleasant mood that is not easy to shake off. The mood seems to have such a grip that changing your thoughts and thinking of positive things does not work.

Our moods effect our body – our physiology (all of it and not just our posture) as well as our mind – our thinking (mental images and self-talk). Each feeds the other and maintains or strengthens our mood. This means we need to change both to ensure our mood change lasts.

The quickest ways of shaking off a negative mood is to change your ‘physicals’, your physiology. ……Change your posture, facial expression, breathing, movements, muscle tension, etc.

Sit less, move more. We sit too much. Many of us spend six or more hours a day sitting – at work, in cars, and on settees. Our bodies evolved to be physically active most of our waking hours but this design no longer suits our modern life.

All this sitting actually makes us tired, causes health problems, and does no encourage a bright, up beat mood. If you are unconvinced compare how you feel on days when you are moving around a lot with those which you spend much of your time sitting.

Smiling eyes. Smile – even if you do not mean it. Not just with your mouth – make your whole face smile and especially with your eyes. Give this a fair trial – at least hourly for a day or two. You will find that it is not easy to stay grumpy or irritable with a ‘happy face’.

Give it a try next time you feel a bad mood coming on.

Act the way you WANT to feel.”
Gretchen Rubin


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