It’s In Your Hands



“No matter how disappointing you believe your life currently is, it is never too late to start reshaping it to become an amazing testimony.”
Edmond Mbiaka

Looking back over the years, I see that my most useful and beneficial experiences were not in actually achieving the things I wanted, but in me seeking them.

It is the journey towards that horizon that counts – the goals that move you forward as you chase them. It is all about the challenge and what you learn along the way – the ‘moving forward‘.

The one of the most important reasons for moving forward as opposed to stagnating is the opportunity it gives you to learn. Where you discover your passions, love is found, strength is gained, and memories are made. This can only to be gained by living it….. the making the journey is the destination.

It is all too easy to stunt our growth by being stuck in the same place forever by making excuses. However, by doing things that make you uncomfortable – things that you are not very good at, you begin to stretch yourself. Face your fears, realise that it is more painful to remain stagnating. Decide to stretch your boundaries and break out of the routine.

Do something today that you feel uncomfortable with….. start off small. If you need to improve your fitness, commit to exercising for ten minutes each day, gradually increasing your exercise time as you see your fitness level improve.

Choose to start down a new path today, commit to change…… With a positive attitude and a dose of self belief, you are unstoppable.

“Your life is in your hands. No matter where you are now, no matter what has happened in your life,you can begin to consciously choose your thoughts, and you can change your life. There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstance of your life can change!”
Rhonda Byrne


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