Stretching Your World



“We are so accustomed to the comforts of “I cannot”, “I do not want to” and “it is too difficult” that we forget to realize when we stop doing things for ourselves and expect others to dance around us, we are not achieving greatness. We have made ourselves weak.”
Pandora Poikilos

We all tend to do things we are comfortable doing. Our comfort zone is just that – comfortable and includes everyday activities – doing the same things and mixing with the same people. When most of your activities are in this zone life is, of course, ‘comfortable’ but you do not learn very much or develop yourself . In reality it is simply more of the same and it can lead to the zone shrinking.

Yet if we seek to find and explore new things we can begin to stretch our comfort zone. Doing things that tend to be a little or a lot out of the ordinary – the things we have not done for a long time or maybe have never done before.

This stretch zone is not really a comfortable place, but it is a stimulating one. It is where you stretch and challenge yourself mentally, emotionally or physically . In social life it could be going to a different restaurant or bar. At work it could be handing a project in a new way or seeking a better position.

We also all have our own panic zone. Someone who experiences a phobic response when near a spider might prefer to have more choices in such situations. And for many people public speaking falls into the panic zone with limiting effects on their career.What is a stretch for one person can be a comfort or panic zone issue for someone else.

Frequently stretching yourself with new challenges, new stimuli, new discoveries not only prevents you from shrinkage it will enhance the quality of your life. In addition to having a revitalising effect on your perceptions and attitudes.

Look for a new way to stretch your comfort zone today, choose to push yourself to do that thing you have been afraid to try…..You will find it both exciting, exhilarating and satisfying.

“Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.”
Shannon L. Alder


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