The Sun Shining Through



“We all have bad days, but one thing is true; no cloud is so dark that the sun can’t shine through.”
Miranda Kerr

Not every day is good, but, if you look carefully, we can find something ‘good’ about every day. It takes a strong person to see the positive on our down days. It is about realisng that, except for our own thoughts, there is nothing that is absolutely in our control. Knowing and accepting this gives us the ability to cope effectively with life’s constant stream of little tragedies – an aptitude we call resilience.

What we focus on changes everything. Try not to worry about those things that you can not control. Stressing over unimportant things never helps….. Be positive. Your attitude directly determines how well you live your life. Try not to let mental events control you….set yourself free. Confront your negativity and turn the mental ‘blocks’ into building ‘blocks’.

I do not believe that anybody is immune to experiencing a bad day. After all there is really no such thing as a perfect life. On our best days, there is a feeling of well being that we feel throughout our body. We feel energised, as we realise that we are standing in a moment of sweet perfection, or an instant of a big achievement, or happiness, or laughter, which at the same time cannot last – and yet we take the experience with us for the rest of our life.

Be a little kinder to yourself, start by being extra kind to yourself today. Accept who you are, and revel in it. Remembering to treat yourself with love and respect. The better you feel about you, the more you have to offer. If you cannot do a lot for yourself right now, do a little.

And remember, these small moments of joy add up….they keep you pointed in a positive direction. Let the sun shine on you today.

“Maybe it’s not about having a beautiful day, but about finding beautiful moments. Maybe a whole day is just too much to ask. I could choose to believe that in every day, in all things, no matter how dark and ugly, there are shards of beauty if I look for them.”
Anna White


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