To Try




”Successful people…focus on the rewards of success: learning from their mistakes and thinking about how they can improve themselves and their situations.”
John Maxwell

Have you ever been so afraid of failing at something that you decided not to try it at all?

What makes people fail is not failure itself but fear of failure. Overcoming fear makes you stronger; fear of failure paralyses you and stops you from even trying. It holds you back more than any other thing. We must realise that we simply cannot succeed without occasionally failing, and that the very process of failing and learning from it brings you closer to success.

Looking at the worse-case scenario – In some cases, the worst case scenario may be genuinely disastrous, and it may be perfectly rational to fear failure. In many cases, however, the worst case may actually not be that bad, and recognising this can help.

Having a contingency plan – If you are afraid of failing at something, having a ‘Plan B’ in place can help you feel more confident about moving forward.

Start by setting small goals that will help build your confidence. Learn how to explore and evaluate all possible outcomes rationally and develop contingency plans; and practice thinking positively. By moving forward slowly but steadily, you will begin to overcome your fear of failure.

What have you been too afraid to do? Commit to try….. beginning today by making a plan of action and taking just one small step at a time.

‘What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?’
Vincent van Gogh


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