To Be Calm




“Calmness is the cradle of power.”
J.G. Holland

In this hectic world, I believe most of us could do with finding more space for calm in our lives. To being able to stand back and assess what is happening around us with a mind that is settled, patient, graceful and wise.


Calm people affect other people in a positive and reassuring way.Their ability to remain unfazed and focused during life’s petty ordeals through to outright crises is a source of amazement to the majority of us. Often we are grateful for being at the receiving end of such calmness. And yet, it is not something that only the few have access to – anyone can choose to be calm and to foster it as an approach toward life. Here are some ideas for finding calm.


Find somewhere quiet, ideally somewhere natural, sit on the grass in a park on a pleasant day, take a slow walk in the forest in late autumn, sit on the edge of a mountain after a hike and gaze over the scenery. If you have no time to travel, simply sit on a couch or on your bed. anywhere comfortable and quiet is good

As harsh it may sound, mixing with highly stressed people will make you feel stressed. On the other hand, mixing with calm people, even for the briefest period, will leave you feeling calmer.

Worry is the best way to rob you of calmness. Most worries are future-based. They evolve around things that, in most cases, will never happen. Concentrate on the present,  do  all you can today and the future will take care of itself.

Have calm thoughts. Picture calm scenes. Recall calm sounds.…..Close your eyes and imagine yourself on an idyllic South Pacific island. See yourself on the sun bleached sands. the warm sun on your face as you dig your toes into the sand, the way the wind blows your hair, the calm look on your face.

I can guess you are feeling more calm….

”The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.” 
James Allen


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