Upping Your Self Esteem



‘Tell me how a person judges his or her self-esteem and I will tell you how that person operates at work, in love, in sex, in parenting, in every important aspect of existence – and how high he or she is likely to rise. The reputation you have with yourself – your self-esteem – is the single most important factor for a fulfilling life.’
Nathaniel Branden


Nothing is more important than how you feel and think about yourself.

Do you believe in yourself and in your abilities? Can you handle rejection and criticism in an objective and healthy manner, or does one negative comment completely shatter your self-view?

Having a healthy self esteem is about valuing your own worth yet, not to the levels of inflating your ego. Self esteem is the value that you apply to the self. The beliefs that power self esteem include “I am deserving”, “I am worthy” and “I am good enough”.


Conveniently, we use external indicators to measure worth. It is after all, what we have been taught to do ever since childhood. We are taught to win at competitions, to be the best and to achieve high scores for boosting self esteem. However, the use of external indicators is also where the problem lies.

You may use the approval of others as the way to value your worthiness. When this happens, your mood can become highly dependent on their opinion of you. Invariably, you give your power away when you allow the opinions of others dictate the level of your happiness with yourself.


All to often our problem is we are too busy holding onto your unworthiness. Self esteem affects virtually every aspect of your life. Maintaining a healthy, realistic view of yourself is not about blowing your own horn. It is about learning to like and respect yourself – faults and all.

Commit today to taking better care of your self. Eating healthy foods and exercising at least 3 times per week…..and you will soon notice a positive improvement in the way you feel about yourself.

”You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”
Louise L. Hay

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