Finding Contentment



‘He that is discontented in one place will seldom be content in another.’

People spend a lot of time chasing after things. We run in circles trying hard to obtain something all the time. Fortune, fame, success, relationships, new cars, whatever. Often we do not fully understand the objects of our desire because we have not fully experienced them. So when we finally reach our goals, we do not even recognize that we now have everything we always thought we wanted. So we keep going! We turn our attention to some thing new we see off in the distance. We are always wanting for something else.

I was chasing ‘things’ for a long time, before deciding contentment seemed like a much better choice. I made a conscious effort to acknowledge how fortunate I am. When my mind starts wondering with ‘I wants,’ I try to take notice and consciously switch into ‘look at what I have‘ mode. I have a way to go, but I am slowly beginning to see myself form a healthier, more satisfied life view.

I began to overcame discontentment by;

A change of attitude and perspective.

Taking some kind of positive action.

Doing something that gives you meaning.

Take a moment to be grateful for something. What in your life is special? Even if everything seems bad, there must be one good thing. It might simply be that you have beauty somewhere nearby, or that you are alive, or that your children are healthy. Find something, and give thanks for that.

Find the little things that can give you simple joys. What do you need to be happy? I love simple things, like taking a walk, spending time with a loved one, reading a book, eating some berries, drinking tea. These cost very little, and require very little, and can make me very happy. Find the simple things that give you similar happiness, and focus on those rather than what you do not have.

Remember that happiness is a choice. Some people gauge happiness by having a successful career, luxurious car, or a huge savings account. Happiness cannot be determined by the money you earn or even with material things. It is a choice that we are happy, despite what life may bring. Start it with yourself and say, ‘I’m happy to be me’.

And importantly, as long as you live, keep learning how to live. Focus  on the good in your life today.

‘He who is contented is rich.’
Lao Tzu


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