A Better Future



“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.”
Bob Proctor

I often refer to changing our life for the better. But often the very thought of change fills us with fear. Yet we can do it at our own pace. It really only takes a small shift everyday that over time amounts to enormous change.

People do not suddenly heal and start living their ‘ideal’ life overnight – what we do each day play a massive role in making it possible for us to create the life we really want to live.

You can choose to develop daily rituals that point you in the direction of creating your ideal life – or habits that keep you firmly anchoured to your present situation.

Firstly you make the decision to change. Make the commitment to yourself.. Taking the next step forward in the direction you choose to go…….tiny, positive steps that you take moment by moment.

And then in the future when you look back it all adds up to something worthwhile – something that is often far better, and different, than what you had imagined when you began your journey.

Remember, it does nut matter where you are, you are no where compared to where you can go.

Make that commitment to yourself today to change. Create a plan of action to take you towards a better life….taking small steps in the right direction. A year from now you will be glad you started.

“Stop believing the false hope that “if it’s meant to be” it will happen. If that were true, everyone would be content, wealthy, fit and have great relationships.
You must plan, act, persevere, make better choices, know your value and never, ever accept less than you truly deserve. It’s not up to chance, it’s up to you.”
Rob Liano


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