Choosing To Believe




”In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”
Michael Korda


Do you believe in yourself? The best way to answer this question is to look at where your life is right now. Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished? Do you believe your wishes/dreams will come true?

The biggest obstacle that stops people from achieving their dreams is the feeling that they are not good enough. We may want to believe we can have anything we want, yet something gets in the way of that happening. And that “something” can be limiting thoughts. Those nasty little thoughts sneak in and keep us from feeling good about who we


It is not unusual after you take on something big in your life, when doing something you’ve never done before, to have doubts and fears. We ask our self “Can I do this?” “What if I fail?” “Am I good enough?”


So often, we go through life with an expectation that things “should be” a certain way. And, when that does not happen, we are upset, frustrated, and angry. We then make ourselves and others wrong. We start complaining and blaming others.

I have been through this and decided to have a new way of thinking. I consciously changed my thoughts and focused on trusting it would turn out. And each morning, I think of what I want in my life and say, “I trust it will come to me.” When I do that, the door opens up and new opportunities flow in.


If you want to attract more into your life, slow down and allow yourself to be present to your accomplishments. When we take the time to do this, we are opening up a space of more of the same to come to us. When you take the time to appreciate your accomplishments, you are allowing yourself to bask in the victory of what you have achieved.


Quite often, people dwell on what they do not have and complain why they do not have what they want. And the more they do that, the more they perpetuate the same. Remember, like attracts like. They focus on the future and that some day they will have more money or more clients.


It is just as important to your happiness to take time to be grateful for the things you have right now and have already accomplished. When you do that, you are immersing yourself in the positive energetic forces of life that are around you. The more you are grateful for, the more you open yourself up to attracting more of the same.


You are where you are because of choices you have made. The choices we make in our lives help to make us who we are today. If you do not like what you have, you can change it. Each day we have thousands and thousands of thoughts. If you do not like the thoughts you have, you can change them and choose more positive thoughts.

Every day you get to choose how we think the day is going to go. So why not make it a great one? It is a conscious choice you make to believe in yourself and you can start today. Remember, everyone who got to where they are had to begin from where they were, just like you.


Choose to make today  a good day.


“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”
C. JoyBell C.

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