Knowing You




“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Do you know yourself well? Are you clear about you want in life? Have a sense of purpose? What defines you?

Examining your life under a microscope can be discomforting and an unpleasant exercise. I know, I have been through it. However, you will be grateful for starting the process of self discovery, because rewards unfold when you know more about yourself.

The process of self discovery is not just about unearthing difficult stuff about yourself. It is also about honouring your strengths and abilities as you become more aware of what you are good at.

It is important to ask yourself what you want out of life and work towards it. Having a purpose that connects to your inner self is fulfilling. Without a purpose we feel like a ship which is going nowhere.

Ask yourself what your personal values are. Core values will be things like compassion, honesty, love, kindness, loyalty, etc. Clarifying your core values will give you an exact picture of who You are.

To know a person, is to spend time with him or her. In the same way, to build a relationship with yourself, you need to spend time getting to know more about yourself. Put aside ‘me’ time on a regular basis. For myself, I choose to spend ‘me’ time reading books, in my garden or simply just to be.


Take time to ask yourself questions. Pretend that you are  99 years old, very wise and in perfect health. Ask yourself “What would you have me know? What should I concentrate on in the coming days and years? What things could I do or experience that would have the most positive impact on my life?”

Self discovery is not an a one-day or a one-week affair. It can take a lifetime of building a relationship with yourself. Enjoy the self discovery…….become your life long best friend.

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”
Lao Tzu


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