Life Challenges




“Sometimes the darkest challenges, the most difficult lessons, hold the greatest gems of light.”
Barbara Marciniak


Life tends to set us a challenges to test our courage and ability to change. At such times, there is nothing to be gained in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready.


Yet all too often we tend to turn away from life rather than towards it. We become masters of avoidance. But if we want to be present – to enjoy life and to be more effective in it – we need to commit to facing our difficulties.

We all have problems, there maybe problems at work, at home, in our relationships, or even in ourselves. While world events may or may not affect us directly, personal problems have an immediate impact. We a have choices of how we deal with them.

Here are some common ways to respond to problems that come up in our lives. You could:

Run away from it. Just live with it. Get someone else to take care of it. Study it and research it. Find out how other people handle it and do the same. Discuss it and perhaps work together as a team. Take it as a challenge and attack it head on. Learn new skills so you can more easily handle the problem. Look at the bigger picture; maybe it doesn’t matter that much in the long run. Put on your creative thinking cap and come up with some original ideas.

There are no right or wrong ways in dealing with problems or challenges. It is useful to become aware of your own ways of handling them,because then we can see that there are other ways.

There are many ways to respond to problems, as well as possibly many ways to resolve it. Looking at how you normally face challenges you see that there are other choices available too.

Life becomes more manageable.…. we can see that we have grown stronger, we have greater confidence that we can grow even stronger still. This is the basis of feeling capable, which I think is the basis of a satisfying life.

Take a closer look at the challenges you face are you dealing with them?

“Happiness is not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them.”
Steve Maraboli


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