When Things Go Wrong



‘I think we all wish we could erase some dark times in our lives. But all of life’s experiences, bad and good, make you who you are. Erasing any of life’s experiences would be a great mistake.’
Luis Miguel

We all do things we are not proud of, we would not be human if we didn’t. Something that affects others in a way that we would not be willing to experience ourselves. Sometimes we do something that we know at the time is wrong, but it seems like the best solution to our situation.

Life is a journey of learning and the most worth while learning is derived from our personal experiences. When things go right, because we have good information and appropriate beliefs, then our learning is reinforced by this positive feedback

When things go wrong, because we have faulty information and inappropriate beliefs, then we and those effected by our actions suffer. But here we have a chance to learn something new. Much of our new learning and personal growth does arise as a result painful experiences; provided we are willing and open to learn those lessons.

If we wish to grow and to use our experiences beneficially, it is vital that we focus on what we can learn, rather than to resist the reality of what occurred.

Do you have something you did (or you failed to do) that you still feel bad about, which you regret, which makes you feel ashamed? Begin by finding meaning and value out of this experience. Ask yourself: “What has this taught me – about myself, about others and about my life?” Based on this lesson, work out what beliefs you need to change, what fixed ideas you can let go of, what assumptions you made that are no longer helpful.

Take the chance to learn from past mistakes and move your life forward with newly gained wisdom.

“Well, we all make mistakes, dear, so just put it behind you. We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.”
L.M. Montgomery


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