Inner Strength



“The strength of your mind determines the quality of your life.”
Edmond Mbiaka

It is easy to notice changes in physical strength: muscles are toned, and breathing becomes easier after running a short distance. It is much harder to notice differences in mental strength, and sometimes it simply helps to stop and think: have you been losing your temper less often? Are you noticing a change in the way people respond to you? How do you feel when you open your eyes in the morning?

You can choose to be a decisive will from within, to harness that power of decisiveness, and choose to be your strongest self.

Make agreements you know you can keep. Be on time. You will show yourself to be a reliable person. Renegotiate agreements you cannot keep. You will know yourself as being trustworthy.

Learn to say “No”. Do not over-commit yourself. Refusing a request is not against anyone else. You are being honest with, and true to yourself.

We never know what good is right around the next corner. Keep an open and receptive mind.

Building inner strength is a life long task. As we grow stronger mentally, it will pay off in many ways, it will become habit, and eventually a part of our identity. Be strong!


“Attitude is 100% under your control – (yours to choose, use or lose, as they say). Happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction in a life ALWAYS and ONLY come as a consequence of some other activity. That is you don’t just create ‘happy’ or ‘satisfied’ – you have to be doing something with your life that as a byproduct creates these states.”
Martin Gover


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