How You Think Of It

  . ”One has not only an ability to perceive the world but an ability to alter one’s perception of it; more simply, one can change things by the manner in which one looks at them.” Tom Robbins . Feeling miserable takes no effort, it is the result of no effort and it is to … More How You Think Of It

Emotional Control

  . “You’ll never cross an emotional bridge, if you keep rushing back to the other side.” T.F. Hodge . For many, negative thinking is a habit, which over time, becomes an addiction. A lot of people suffer from this affliction because negative thinking is addictive to the mind, the body, and the emotions.. . … More Emotional Control

Feeling The Joy

  . “I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.” Anne Frank . We define ‘joy’ as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. I think that is an understatement, it is a vital part of living a healthy, successful life. Taking time to feel joy is the best … More Feeling The Joy

An Open Window

  . ‘A mind stretched by a new idea never shrinks back to its original proportions.’ Oliver Wendell Holmes . We see the world as we are, we see it through layers of stuff. Things like beliefs, fears, memories, opinions, ideas about what we think will make us happy. . What is a belief? It … More An Open Window

Self Improvement

  . ‘Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson . So often we rush from one day to the next without stopping to reflect. Yet we can easily begin self improvement by taking stock of were we are. . What you have already achieved Think about your … More Self Improvement

Hard Times

      . “However mean your life is, meet it and live it.” Henry David Thoreau . If I have learned anything from life, it is that sometimes, the darkest times can bring you to the brightest places. I have seen that the most toxic people teach the most important lessons; that your most … More Hard Times

Self Assessment

. ‘‘Who am I, where have I been, and where am I going?” Carl Sandburg . For me one of the most important factors in building our self esteem and confidence is our self awareness. But what exactly is it, why is it important and how can you become more self aware. Being self aware … More Self Assessment

The Positive Side

    . “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” Walt Whitman . We can define positive thinking as positive imagery, positive self-talk or general optimism Developing positive thinking is a corner stone for self improvement. I put this first because I think it a primary habit that … More The Positive Side