The Things Money Cannot Buy




The best things in life are free.’
American Proverb

Not much money? They do say the best things in life are free.

In life some of the best things are intangible; and that we can experience them at any time if we just open our heart and mind to let them in.

The best things in life are your health, your love, your freedom, your intelligence, your friends – you cannot buy any of those because they are all free.

What we most value – love, dignity, good conduct, pride, trust, friendship, care – does not come from money.

We all have experiences that give us a different perspective on life. They have a lasting impact if only because they are memorable experiences, which move, touch and so stay with us. They make us feel authentic, as if we have found ourselves – through travel – rather than having ourselves defined by humdrum work. They usually involve relationships, bringing people together: friends, families, lovers, fans and believers.

The objects in our lives that we really value – the stuff we cannot bring ourselves to throw away – mark out relationships that we value – a memento from holiday, a family photograph, a collection built up with a partner, toys kept from childhood.

Money does not make the world go round – not all the time, and never on its own. Money really brings meaning to our lives only when it helps us in our search for something more.


Remember happiness comes as a result of appreciating smaller things in life instead of crying for bigger things in order to gain happiness. Take a closure look at what you value today.

‘Sleep, hugs, kisses, love, friends, family, memories, smiles, laughter and fun, the best things in life are free.’


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