Self Appreciation




“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”

Paulo Coelho

Today I want to write about the importance of taking time to indulge yourself in self appreciation. It is not a luxury, but pure necessity if you want to connect to your inner peace and move on in life with renewed energy, strength and confidence.


We all are human and from time to time we are faced with criticisms, problems, difficulties or setbacks. When we feel down, we try harder,  we work harder, hide behind ‘being busy’, but still do not feel enough appreciation for what we are.


Appreciation starts from within, it is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and then mirrored through other people. The more we are able appreciate our self, the more we will be able to appreciate others and in return we will see more people starting to appreciate us.


You can improve your self appreciation by:


Taking good care of yourself. It sounds simple but is not necessarily an easy thing to do. You have to be consistent and disciplined in your effort.

Eat healthy food and exercise regularly. A healthy lifestyle will positively affect the way you perceive yourself.

Accept yourself for who you are. Your perception of yourself will reflect how you act and behave.

Recall those times when you felt good about yourself, remember what you achieved and how that felt. Remember by appreciating yourself you will feel lighter. It makes life simpler and easier. Avoid making mountains out of molehills. Never beat yourself up just because you have done a few mistakes or experienced some momentary setbacks.

Start self appreciation today, gaining the benefit of greater inner strength and more confidence. Look at ways to take better care of yourself.


Take yourself forward to a better place……starting today.


”When you’re trying to motivate yourself, appreciate the fact that you’re even thinking about making a change. And as you move forward, allow yourself to be good enough.”
Alice Doma


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