Negative To Positive





“Negativity becomes a habit, just the same as positivity, the difference is the amount of belief you hold in yourself.”
Leon Brown

Negative emotions are the single biggest enemy that any of us have. If we had no negative emotions, our lives would be wonderful.

Positive thinking infuses our actions with an energy and makes all of the things we do better. Negative thinking has just the opposite effect, it drains us of energy and makes everything we do more of a struggle than ever before.

Almost all negative emotions depend on blaming someone or something else for negative situations that happen in our life. The problem here then, is that we hold on to those negative emotions, even if we cannot change the outcome and are angry about it.

I believe the key to eliminating negative emotions is to take responsibility for yourself, your reactions and your situation. You cannot take responsibility for your life, your situation, and your reactions and be negative at the same time. Your mind can only focus on one thought at a time, positive or negative.

The truth is nobody can make you feel negative, other than you. If we think about things that make us feel unhappy or angry, we are going to feel negative. If we think about things that make us happy and excited about our life, we will feel positive.

The most important thing to remember about negative feelings is that you have complete control over the way you feel, the way you respond to any situation and the things you think about at any minute of the day.

Choose to respond positively today, to take responsibility for your role in negative situations, and allow yourself to let go of negative feelings that might be trapped inside of you. Use your ability to shift your mindset so that you can be more effective and have a happier day.

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”
Zig Ziglar

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