Fired Up




”Apathy is a sort of living oblivion.”
Horace Greeley

I write a lot about self improvement and change. If you don’t have the motivation, then waking up early, setting up to-do lists and changing habits seems silly.

Apathy is a common problem. I have certainly had motivational dry spells. While I do not think there is an instant cure to this problem, apathy sets in when you forget what you want. Finding motivation needs to start by focusing on your desires. Not the goals other people want for you. Not the goals you feel you should have. But the goals that fill you with enthusiasm.

A more common reason to feel apathetic is that you are focusing on the wrong goal. You have committed yourself to a goal that does not motivate you anymore. Sometimes this happens because you have changed since you made the initial commitment.

The time spent working on a goal is not wasted, even if you never reach the goal. This is because the whole point of setting a goal is to connect you with what you desire.

If trying to motivate yourself results in feeling less motivated, you have probably picked the wrong goal. When you try to get enthusiastic but feel even more apathetic, the goal is broken. But if thinking about your goal still makes you excited, you probably just need more patience.

Fighting apathy is not easy. If you focus on the few things that do get you excited, you might find that there are more than enough to be happy. What fires you up, gets you excited, fills you with energy? Break it down into small steps...take that small step today.

‘Apathy can be overcome by enthusiasm, and enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things: first, an idea, with takes the imagination by storm, and second, a definite plan for carrying that idea into practice.’
Arnold J. Toynbee

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