A Higher You



“Only you can decide what you become.”
Seth Adam Smith

I tend to find that so many of us are constantly in autopilot from the time we wake up in the morning until the time we fall asleep at night. So much time that you could be using to benefit you.

How can you get back some of that time and to help us use it to become a better you?

Wake up an hour early. This is one that many successful people like Bill Gates, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg and many others live by. Waking up an hour earlier gives you that ‘me time‘. Some use it to meditate while others use it to prepare themselves for the hectic day. Whatever you do with your extra hour, I know is that you will thank yourself for it.

Plan out your day and keep a to-do list. Planning out your day gives you with a ‘road map’ for the day ahead and provides a little more structure in a fast paced world. Your action plan and to-do list will be there as a GPS to help you find your way through all the calamity and help you structure your time.

Smile. Accepting stress in the world is second nature to us and its nothing to smile about. Research shows that smiling actually acts as an all natural stress reliever and it may help with your quest for a longer life. Feeling down? Smiling will also boost your mood. Smiling is contagious and your smile will brighten other people’s day. Next time you are feeling down smile because it will help in creating a better environment and a better you.

On your journey to becoming a better you, try to set some short and long term goals. Commit today to setting a new goal to help you on your way to becoming a higher You. One small step at a time , leading you to a better future.

“It seems like such an amazing predicament to me, how one does not become a better person by seeking out in the world those who are lesser than himself and then saying, “I will be better than you because you’re not as good as me.” You don’t become better by looking at others and trying to be better than them. You become a better person by looking at yourself in the mirror, and, seeking to overcome and to overthrow all the flaws within yourself, you overcome the weaker you, the lesser you; you become the better You, the stronger You, the higher You. That’s how it goes.”
C. JoyBell C.




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