The Power Of Ambition




”Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” 
Salvador Dali

Many of us are in two minds about the value of ambition. On the one hand, we praise those who work hard and achieve difficult goals. On the other hand, we condemn people for being selfish and power-hungry, and we often take delight in seeing mighty celebrities fall.

No wonder so many people have mixed feelings about being ambitious. On top of that, the goals they wished they cared more about may not really be their own. In order to resolve conflicts about ambition, we need to get a clearer idea of what we really want.

Ambition is often confused with aspiration. Unlike mere aspiration, which has a particular goal for object, ambition is a trait or disposition, and, as such, is persistent and pervasive.

Ask yourself what you think you should be doing. Then ask yourself if that is something you really want to do, or if you are trying to live out someone else’s idea of what you should be doing. Sometimes a lack of ambition is a sign that you are resisting doing something that is not right for you.

Break your goals down into smaller, more manageable steps if you are feeling overwhelmed. Take one step at a time, and give yourself rewards for your progress.

Commit yourself to learning. Feed your mind. Sharpen your interest in two major subjects: life and people. Learn how you can better interact with others. Learn more on how to get the most from life. Learn all that you can so you can become a better you.

Create new opportunities, take advantage of the opportunity you have created, face life with your eyes and ears open to the possibilities that might be just around the corner. Self-enterprising find a way to take advantage of a situation, not be burdened by it.


Remember when ambition fuels your desire to succeed, you are virtually unstoppable. There is this undeniable hunger that leads you to passionate action ….. it is the doing that leads to achieving. If you keep pushing toward this reality, you can definitely claim it. What action are you taking today?

“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner.”
Les Brown

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