Simply Right




‘Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

As we grew older all too often our minds became disillusioned by negative external influences. At some point we began to hesitate and question our instincts. When a new obstacle or growing pain arose, we stumbled and fell down. Over the course of time, we made our lives more and more difficult, and we start to lose touch with who we really are and what we really need.


We often make our lives complicated when it is really quite simple: Find what it is that makes you happy and spend more time doing it. Find who it is that makes you smile and spend more time with them. Focus on the activities and people that make you happy, and filter out the avoidable opposites


Living your dream is really just a matter of proper lifestyle alignment. It is about being true to yourself, and realising that where you are at any given moment is exactly where you want to be. Thus, happiness and success in life is simply the gratifying combination of liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking who you do it with.


Fulfillment in life can be found in different ways, starting by stopping preoccupying ourselves with trivial matters. If you talk to someone who practices frugal living and minimalism, they will tell you that there is no need to over complicate things. There is always a simpler way they can be done.

Do not try to read other people’s minds. Do not make other people try to read yours. Communicate. Be polite, but do not try to be friends with everyone around you. Instead, spend time nurturing your relationships with the people who matter most to you.

Most importantly….. be yourself. Faking your way through life is believing that if you let people know the real you, they will not like you. Maybe it seems that nothing you ever do is ever enough. Maybe you keep trying to pretend to make others happy, and you are exhausted, physically, emotionally.While you play those roles, juggling those masks you have to wear and hiding your pain … the pressure increases to keep pretending you have it all together. Consider the cost of our souls when we do this, the loss of ourselves … ”I would never discover my true identity … unless I began identifying and laying down my masks, and so I began a process of stripping down the defenses I had built up over the years.”

Remember that simple does not mean easy. Some of the simplest things to do are often the most difficult. Look to start to live a life that is simply right for you.

”Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple and the simple thing is the right thing.’
Oscar Wilde

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