Feeding Your Mind




‘If you feed your mind as often as you feed your stomach, then you’ll never have to worry about feeding your stomach or a roof over your head or clothes on your back.”
Albert Einstein

In nature, a plant will flower earlier and more profusely, depending on what nourishment it will receive. We are the gardener responsible of our own ‘flowering’. The best part of gardening your self is that you can make changes in your thoughts and grow your mind for the better.

And if your life is not what it has to be and is getting worse every day, then you have to do something differently. Just start from your thoughts, and everything else will get better. Everything will change automatically, if you learn how to feed your thoughts with positive energy.

Maybe you can not change the world’s economic and political situation. But, there is something you can change and make it better and better every day, and changing it, changes your life: Your mind, You are the owner of your mind and thoughts. You can control them.

Make the most of any short pleasant moment in your life. If you do so, they expand and duplicate and make your whole life full of happiness, as if you are living your perfect life.

Instead of saying “I can’t do it”, say, “how can I do it?” If you do so, your mind starts working on the project and finds a way to enable you to do it somehow.

It is all about your mind and thoughts. You do not have to fight the negative thoughts that have captured your mind. Just think about the positive things from now on, and the negative thoughts will disappear by themselves. Fill up your mind with positive and good things, and your life will get filled by positive and good things.

Start doing this right now and never stop it.

The more positive thoughts you have, the better you feel, which causes you to have more positive thoughts, then you feel even better.”
James Borg

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