Life Experiences






“Life is a tapestry woven by the decisions we make.”
Sherrilyn Kenyon

As the year comes to a close, we tend to yearn for a very small and selective range of life experiences – the happy holidays, the relaxing times, the settings and experiences that make us feel comfortable. And yet, the full range of our reality at this time of year is often quite different.

Life gives us an extensive array of life experiences that evoke feelings ranging from sadness to struggle to pride to anger to love to loneliness… to happiness to excitement and more. These feelings are all part of being a living, breathing human being.

We can revolt against the unfairness of life – the unfairness of having to deal with pain, having to cope with uncertainty, having to feel lonely and uneasy and upset. Or we can embrace every experience life gives us, including all our highs and lows – all the blissful moments and painful ones and everything in between. Life is not just happy and comfortable 24/7. It is well-rounded, it is comprehensive and it is real.

Embracing the full range of life’s experiences means embracing every moment with our full presence, being open and vulnerable to reality, being gentle with ourselves when moments are tougher than we expected, and remembering gratitude, no matter what happens.

It means accepting life as it is, and accepting ourselves as we are. It means not expecting the best to happen every step of the way, but instead accepting what happens with each step, and making the very best of it.

“Destiny is real. And she’s not mild-mannered. She will come around and hit you in the face and knock you over and before you know what hit you, you’re naked- stripped of everything you thought you knew and everything you thought you didn’t know- and there you are! A bloody nose, bruises all over you, and naked. And it’s the most beautiful thing.”
C. JoyBell C.

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