That which you hold, holds you.”
Tom Robbins

What is one habit you long to stop but are not sure if you can? Maybe it is the amount of sugar you eat after dinner or the never-enough hours of sleep you get at night. Maybe it is the tone of voice you use when you are tired or the amount of time you spend looking at a screen in your hand instead of the faces around you.

Do you have any thoughts that regularly cross your mind but are only holding you back? Are any of the following familiar?

“No one appreciates me.”
“I do everything around here.”
“I’m not good enough for this.”

This is emotional clutter.

Take time to think about how you can declutter your life…..small steps to remove the things which are holding you back from making progress towards a happier, healthier and more successful life.

“We all have a million things vying for our attention. If you tell yourself that you don’t have enough time to clear out your junk, you might be delaying the well-being and relief you could experience by tackling it. If not now, when?”
Lisa J. Shultz

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