Your Way Of Thinking




“Our way of thinking creates good or bad outcomes.”
Stephen Richards


Where your mind goes, energy flows. Which area of your life do you tend to focus on? What you have or what is missing from your life, what do you tend to spend more time dwelling on? The positives or the negatives?

Rather than focusing on what you do not have and begrudging those who are better off than you, perhaps you should acknowledge that you have lots to be grateful for. Developing a habit of appreciating what you have can create a new level of emotional well being and strength. But the real question is: do you take time to feel deeply grateful with your mind, body, heart and soul? That is where the energy to take positive action comes from.

Try not to let negativity and drama get the best of you. Your brain is a radio transmitter. It broadcasts thoughts, directions and vibrations into your life—you get to choose the station it’s tuned to. Happy, successful people understand this and tune out negativity to make room for positivity. Be wise enough to follow in their footsteps. Walk away from the nonsense around you. Focus on the positives, and soon the negatives will be harder to see.

Also, when you accept that there are things that you cannot  control you can focus on specific areas. So decide to  influence those  aspects of your life which take you into a better, more rewarding place..

Are you focusing more on problems or solutions in your life?

“What you stay focused on will grow.”
Roy T. Bennett

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