Limiting Habits

‘Untested assumptions and lazy habits of thought can be shown up, once put in a spotlight of a different hue.’
Julian Baggini

All too often we are living our lives on autopilot, superficial living. Make a point to stop and deliberately look at your belief system because your beliefs are determining everything you experience as your reality.

Beliefs are formed through repeated thoughts, and the only reason they hold any weight is because you have decided or agreed that they are true.

When it comes to ingrained limiting beliefs, assumptions, or habits, these can be a bit harder to change. Because we are so used to them – and mostly because we identify with them – they hold a lot of weight in our experience. It can almost feel as if they are immovable objects on our path.

Without pushing the boundary and testing our assumptions, it is impossible to move past our limiting beliefs. We need to do something to break the pattern of our limiting belief. Questioning is the first step, but if we only do that, the possibilities of moving to a more empowering perspective stay in our head. Some type of action must be taken that puts our conclusions to the test. Wen need to make sure that we are not staying within the limited head-space that leads us to reinforce what we already hold to be true. Stopping our judgment and taking some kind of action to test our assumptions is needed now.

If you are not living the richly contoured life you seek, take the steps to discover which of your beliefs are keeping you from it and what you can do to change those limiting habits.

‘Begin challenging your assumptions. Your assumptions are the windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile or the light won’t come in.’
Alan Alda

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