Your Own Self.


“Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling”
Deborah Day,

In the past months, most of us have been thrown into a brave new world of social distancing, self-isolation, and in some cases, downright lockdown.

And while it is important to do what we can to maintain our mental health in times like these, I believe we can do better than just maintain. I believe we can use this time and these challenging circumstances to grow and become better.

Self improvement is about transforming yourself. It gives you a fresh approach to life with renewed strength. You become a new person feeling better and more able, more competent and more effective by your willingness to adopt innovative ideas or appropriate measures. If you are feeling stuck, dull, bored, or lacking inspiration, it may be time to take steps to renew and improve yourself.

We all have our favourite story, the one we keep playing in our head. Usually the theme is some kind of injustice perpetrated against us. Being without our story can be scary since it has defined us for so long. But giving it up will instantly leave you loads lighter. You can simply decide to stop having this story that has caused you much misery. Reflect on why you have invested so much in your story. We tend to hang on to our resentment to those who have wronged us, because to forgive would be to assume responsibility for our lives and that can feel scary. Decide to give up bitterness so happiness can take its place.


Breath is one of the most overlooked and under-used tools we have. It can be used to powerful effect for dissolving psychological blocks, relaxation, invigorating our spirit, and much more. To renew yourself, gently release all the stresses in your mind, worries, fearful scenarios, hurt, sadness, loneliness, guilt, shame, anger and resentment out of your breath as you exhale through your mouth. Imagine that your breath is a vehicle that carries your stresses out of you. As you inhale through your nose, imagine breathing in fresh, healing energy. Continue with releasing heaviness on exhalation and replenishing your energies on inhalation until you feel renewed.

Our beliefs and values can change overtime, and what used to define you strongly may no longer be an authentic part of you. Keep your identity fresh and current. talking and sharing with people you might not usually interact with can open your eyes to new experiences, enriching you in ways you might never expect. Thanks to the Internet, “social distancing” does not mean we have to be any less social. In fact, being unable to do a lot of our normal activities and routines means we may have even more time to be truly social. One way to take advantage of this time is to reconnect with an old friend – someone you care a lot about but maybe have not had the time or energy to stay in touch with as much as you have have liked. Why not reach out and see if they are up for a weekly FaceTime or phone call?

Choose to cut out gossips, blaming and discussions of fearful theories. We devote far too much energy to these mental activities. Once you have cut them out, feel how much more energy you have. Be ruthless in censoring your thoughts and verbal expressions. Feed your brain with only inspiring and uplifting content. Try this for a day and see how different you feel at the end of it – fresh and uplifted. Do it for a week and you might change your attitude for good.

Every time you change yourself for the better, you relate to your world with a renewed sense of aliveness, seeing beauty and colours through fresh eyes. As you experience this newness, your life-force is activated. Life, inside and outside of you, becomes rich and inspiring…..It sure beats sitting around worrying.

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”
 Aldous Huxley

3 thoughts on “Your Own Self.

  1. It is very difficult not to feel resentment for those who has wronged us , or who took wantage of us , in particular if there was no reason from them to act in that way . But .. better forget it when possible .

  2. Resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. The best way to deal with those who have wronged us, is not further wrong ourselves through resentment, But to live our lives as our best selves and hope one day that they will do the same.

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