A Good Day

‘The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.” Millions of us are struggling to find normalcy in the age of covid 19. The uncertainty over our health, jobs, finances and when we will be able to see our loved ones again has taken its toll. When an initial event is happening, we … More A Good Day

You Choose

We can choose how we want to feel, by choosing how we behave. We feel the way we behave. So if you don’t like the way you feel, then change your behavior.’Thomas D. Willhite .Over time I have come to realise that feeling miserable is our choice. It is the result of no effort and it is … More You Choose

Coming Through It

“The mistake is thinking that there can be an antidote to the uncertainty.” David Levithan  As coronavirus updates dominate the news, many of us are facing disruptive changes we have never experienced — or even imagined. Because our routines are paused, we are finding new ways in our work lives, social lives, and mental and physical health.  … More Coming Through It